What Do You Need To Know About A Dry Water Mist Fire Extinguisher?

Fire safety is essential at home and also in the workplace. As you are aware of the fire extinguisher to prevent spreading fire. There are also different types of fire extinguishers are you aware of them? One of them is dry water mist fire extinguisher.

Puck mist system provides you with the best services to deal with the fire disaster. This system helps in fire suppression with high efficiency using less time.

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You can avail the benefits of fire extinguisher service to get a high-quality fire extinguisher and get it installed at your place. Dry water mist fire extinguisher can handle any type of fire at your workplace or at your home. Dry water mist has a number of benefits:

Less amount of water usage

Dry water mist fire extinguisher uses less amount of water as compared to the other fire extinguishers. This extinguisher forms a fine mist of water through its special nozzle and helps in controlling the fire.

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Suitable for all type of fire

Dry water mist fire extinguisher is capable of handling every type of fire one can encounter. It is easy to handle such fire extinguishers and they need less maintenance. There is not any requirement of special training to operate it. You can use it easily without any hassle.

Removes dirt with the fire

This type of fire extinguisher helps in controlling the fire instantly. They also help in suppressing the smoke particles in the air. It leads to the reduction in the cleanup process after a fire. It also reduces the chance of serious smoke damages and reduces the ill-effects of after fire.

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Dry water mist fire extinguishers are safe for the environment and for your health also. As some of the fire extinguishers contain some harmful chemical that can cause serious damage. Read this article to know about the buying tips for a fire extinguisher.