A Simple Way To Refinish Old Hardwood Floors

The unique charm of old houses is their charm; hardwood floors, pocket doors, and massive wood moldings. These are the things that attracts buyers to an older property.  Refinishing old hardwood floors is easier these days, you can hire hardwood floor contractors for same.

Of course, more and more of the “hardwood flooring” offered nowadays is a laminate designed to look like wood. Due to these developments, the real solid hardwood floors hidden in many old homes are becoming rarer material. refinishing old hardwood floors

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Due to the prevalence of shining hardwood floors in designer showrooms and television commercials, homeowners may find themselves a little shocked by the ragged appearance of their floor.

Sanding hardwood floors is a grueling, messy task. For do-it-yourselfers, the power sander can be frustrating and dangerous to operate; the operator needs to have mastered the art of applying well-balanced pressure with a heavy piece of self-propelled machinery.

It takes a lot of study to understand the progression of techniques and sandpaper grits used in power sanding! For rubio monocoat installers make an online search.

Hardwood Floors

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Power sanding a hardwood floor creates DUST. This dust will go everywhere; there is no escaping it. Professional services will do their best to reduce the volume of dust and prevent it from contaminating the home, but they aren’t going to stay on site and wash down windows. That’s not what they do.

The pocketbook is the deciding factor for many homeowners! Professional floor refinishers will charge several thousand dollars, depending on the size of the floor and the individual requirements of the job. Browse here to know more about hardwood floor installation.

However, it may be possible to avoid the power sanding, save a fortune, and keep the character of the old floor. While a perfect-looking new floor may be expected in a brand new house, this isn’t necessarily true for an older home. If the owner wants to preserve the look and originality of the floor, while improving its protection and restoring its appearance, this method may be the answer.