What are the prerequisite 4WD Accessories

Every off-road trip lover and adventure enthusiast enjoys his 4WD vehicle more than anything else. This is because the whole crisp of the adventure is in the journey.

Traveling by water bodies, rough terrains, is quite exciting but it can turn troublesome within no time if you get stuck with your vehicle. To make four-wheel drive easy, secure and comfortable the whole market of ARB 4×4 accessories has emerged out.

Here are the few essential 4WD accessories, you must have before you go for the road trip:

Bull bar

Bull bar is the first line of defense of your 4WD vehicle. This is the must-have accessory to your 4WD vehicle. The major objective of the bull bar is to protect the front of your car from bushes, plants, and collisions with animals.

Bull bar is designed to take the impact of the collision and protect the car from damage.


Traveling through any sort of water body, crossing rivers or traversing creeks, can quickly choke the air supply to the engine. You engine have to breathe and requires a constant supply of the atmosphere so as to run the vehicle.

Safari snorkels positioned at the peak of the vehicle provide a higher intake opening of clean air.


When you are on the off-road trip, chances of getting stuck on the rough terrain are high. When you’re stuck and alone, the warn winches will help you to pull your automobile. The majority of the winch are either hydraulic or electrical and are fitted into the bullbar.

Auxiliary driving lights

Your ordinary 4WD lights will not be enough in the dark and in the distant regions of the country. You need the led lights to for better spread and illumination.

These are the must-have 4WD accessories for a better experience. You can also visit this site to find out more about the 4WD accessories.