PCB Design And Routing Tips And Tactics

An Introduction To PCB

PCB or Printed Circuit Board has become an integral part of our everyday lives in the form of computers, cellphones, calculators, wrist-watches and every electrical component we interact with on a daily basis.

This article is written for the help and consideration of those professionals who are familiar with Hardware design and have PCB design background or even run their own PCB Company.

• Shape Of The PCB: The usual shape for PCB is a rectangle.

security camera PCBA

1. Lots of people desire to have the corners rounded, as this reduces the chance of edge-cracking.

2. The shape of PCB greatly depends on where you will be placing the board, and what your power-driven requirements are.

• How many layers to use?

1. Now, moving forward to the second step, how many layers need to be used? This exceedingly depends on the supreme frequency used in the design, how many mechanisms you have, whether you have Ball-Grid-Array components or not, and most significant of all, how thick your design is.

2. Systems that are running up to 80 MHz, it’s ok to use 2 Layers in general. It is possible to route the board doing so.

3. It is mandatory to take C.E. Certification along with FCC regulations in consideration.

4. It is necessary because this can be problematic if you use a high-current clock operating between 40 to 80 MHz (The second harmonic would be between 80 to 160 MHz that can violate these rules, very easily).

5. Even few of the security camera PCBA (High-tech cameras) run above 80 MHz, it is very important to consider using more layers.

• There are 2 tactics in 4 layers:

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1) Top and bottom layers can be considered as ground and power planes. The middle layers used for routing.
2) Top and bottom layers can be utilized for signal and middle layers can be used for planes.
3) You can find out more about these layers and PCBA from various online blogs, posted by the experts.

Note: The first method has a very good signal quality, since signals are sandwiched between two power planes, and as a result, you will have the minimum emission.